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Winter Kit

This is our new winter wall hanging kit.

The kit contains die cut letters and snowflakes, with bond-a-web already on each piece.

The kit also contains the background fabric, binding and full instructions.

You will also need some wadding and backing to complete the wall hanging.

You take your place at the table, prepping for an evening of good food and laughter. The table sits outside, overlooking a sprawling vineyard. Crickets are chirping and the air is cooled by a light breeze. It’s evening and the sun is just creeping toward the horizon, spilling rich orange hues across the sky. You’re struck by the expansive beauty and entranced by the magnificence of an Italian sunset.

Aurifil Thread Club

A selection of mini colour inspired collections each month.

You watch intently as the Brunate Funicular slowly makes its way up the mountain from Como. As the mechanical noises of the train fade, your eyes shift and scan the lakeshore, taking in the magnificence of the private villas. Boats skim across the water while the sun shines brightly above, the vibrant sky reflected in the pristine blue waters of the lake.

Aurifil Thread Club

A selection of mini colour inspired collections each month.

Look how adorable these puppies are. I love the little guy wearing the Christmas hat. Used as border for the main puppy panel would just add more cuteness to an already very cute panel.

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The Spiaggia Rosa sparkles and glistens in the Summer sun. Waves lap at the shore while your feet slowly sink deeper into the pink sand. You stand, perfectly still, a light breeze brushing your skin. You look out over the sprawling turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea, taking in the subtle scents of the flowering Mirto plants in the distance.

An evening stroll through the narrow streets of Verona leads you to an outdoor café in the Piazza overlooking the Colosseum. The sun is just starting to set, casting a soft light on the magnificent stone structure. You find a table, order a cocktail, and take in the jovial sounds of Figaro’s Aria from Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia taking place inside.

Welcome to the first month of our #Aurifil Color Builder Subscription program! Each month, we’ll introduce a box featuring a new hue, a new chance at your next best project. Aurifil Color Builders are a capsule of twelve curated mini collections inspired by and named after Italy's most vibrant and colorful destinations. Each collection contains three large spools of 50wt thread -- a warm, a medium, and a dark -- within the location's primary color palette.

January features Milan Grey, cool tones inspired by a brisk walk through the city, down narrow cobblestoned streets, with the noise of trams and weaving vespas giving way to the morning bustle.

We’ll feature these threads throughout January with special projects, events, and via the Aurifil Designer Block of the Month!

For details call Lynn on 0879185054

Pompeii is the Italian City which influences the block for February.
The Aurifil designer for February is artist Kathy Ross from Ireland.
Kathy does the most amazing thread painting.
Follow the link below to read more about Kathy and download her free pattern.

Dolomite is the Italian City which influences the block of the Month for March.

Aurifil Designer of the Month for March is modern quilt maker Carole Lyles Shaw.

Visit this link to read more about the designer and download the free pattern.


I used a paper piecing method to recreate my version. Check back in next month to see the next block.

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