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May 4, 2020

Aurifil BOM Milan Grey

Welcome to the first month of our #Aurifil Color Builder Subscription program! Each month, we’ll introduce a box featuring a new hue, a new chance at your next best project. Aurifil Color Builders are a capsule of twelve curated mini collections inspired by and named after Italy's most vibrant and colorful destinations. Each collection contains three large spools of 50wt thread -- a warm, a medium, and a dark -- within the location's primary color palette.

January features Milan Grey, cool tones inspired by a brisk walk through the city, down narrow cobblestoned streets, with the noise of trams and weaving vespas giving way to the morning bustle.

We’ll feature these threads throughout January with special projects, events, and via the Aurifil Designer Block of the Month!

For details call Lynn on 0879185054

Article written by Lynn Naughton

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